The Greater Switzerland County Region

Workforce commuting patterns are determined by more than just available jobs.

The types of skills needed by employers, the nature of specific industries, the varying compensation offered by different employers, and the quality of life in a community all define where people work and how long they are willing to travel.

In 2008, the Switzerland County Economic Development Corporation commissioned a regional data analysis to more accurately show prospective new industries the availability of talent in our tri-state area.

A 15-county region, consisting of neighboring counties in Southeast Indiana and Northern Kentucky, contains over 600,000 people who live less than 50 minutes from the Markland Business Park.

A 26-county “super” region includes a significant portion of the Cincinnati metropolitan area and is home to 2.4 million people who live less than 75 minutes from Switzerland County’s shovel-ready business park.

The Switzerland County Data Analysis report can be downloaded here