Our Workforce

At the Switzerland County Economic Development Corporation, we know the long-term success of our community’s enterprises rests with the quality of our regional workforce.

Personnel expenditures often represent the largest recurring costs of a business. That’s why successful businesses view their workforce in strategic, competitive terms. Whether the need is top-performing sales representatives, a superior customer-service staff, an innovative research and development team, or skilled, quality-conscious machine operators, we understand the importance of talent to every business in the Switzerland County region.

Located less than one hour from the Cincinnati metropolitan area allows Switzerland County businesses to draw their talent from a population base of over two million people. The diversity of the regional economy, from nine Fortune 500 companies to thousands of family-owned small businesses, from the nation’s largest stainless steel producer to the second-largest hotel in the state of Indiana, means that our residents have experience and skills in a variety of enterprises.

The Greater Switzerland County Region

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