A Climate of Opportunity

The Switzerland County Economic Development Commission created a Strategy Committee, made up of representatives throughout the community, who began meeting in September 2003. They developed a vision statement and an economic assessment of Switzerland County, out of which they identified and prioritized several broad goals. Together these serve as a reference point and “road map” for the future of Switzerland County, against which its success can be measured.

Our Vision

Switzerland County will be a community that has taken command of its own future. It will retain and attract talented people by providing a high quality of life as well as growing social and economic opportunities. The community will be renowned throughout the tri-state region for:

Protecting a clean, safe, rural lifestyle while providing 21st century infrastructure, public, medical, and education services.

Being a home to a top quality workforce and to businesses that not only offer high-skill job opportunities but are also great community citizens.

2011 Strategy Update

Progress Report on Switzerland County’s Economic Development Strategy

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