TEC Center to Host Purdue “Skills for Success” Program

The Purdue University Manufacturing Extension Partnership plans to offer its 10-day training boot camp, Skills for Success, at the Switzerland County Technology and Education Center.

Today’s manufacturing workplaces expect employees to work smarter and contribute to the company’s success. To do this, employees need basic workplace skills, such as the ability to communicate effectively, work in teams, and think critically, as well as basic technical skills, such as the ability to read a blueprint and use common measurement tools.

The goal of this ten-day workshop series is to prepare residents for a career in manufacturing. Participants will learn important manufacturing skills through methods that include hands-on activities and discussions. Courses are led by facilitators who have extensive experience in manufacturing.

Participants will earn three credentials upon completion of the 10-day training: a Purdue University Certificate of Learning, an OSHA 10 certification, and the MSSC Production Technician Quality credential. This program was developed by Purdue’s Advisory Board of Manufacturers, and is INTraining and WorkINdiana approved for financial assistance.

This course will be held at the Switzerland County Technology and Education Center from April 10 through April 21. The first week will focus on Workplace Skills, Principles of Lean Manufacturing, 5S System, Quality and OSHA requirements. During the second week, Basic Shop Math, Measuring for Manufacturing, Effective Communication & Critical Thinking, Print Reading, and Problem Solving will be covered.

The fees for the course are $2,190. Fees may be offset by WorkINdiana funds or INTraining funds. For more information or for course registration, contact Michael Dees at Purdue: (812) 590-9188 or via email: deesm@purdue.edu.