COVID-19: Switzerland County Government Coronavirus Action Plan

Switzerland County Government Coronavirus Action Plan

March 16, 2020


Courthouse, TEC Center, Animal Shelter, Hwy Garage is closed to the General Public effective 3/18 until 3/31.

- Doors will be locked with signage indicating for access call one of two numbers and a determination will be made if it is critical for access


Clerk’s Office: 

- Election will proceed as normal, Some function is still necessary, we ask that it is scheduled in advance 


Auditor’s Office:

- Suspend notary service

- Recommend advance scheduling for all other functions



- Court has decided to reduce court hearings to emergencies only



- Jail has suspended all non-essential programing



 - Each department has agreed to limit staff and rotate them in and out of the office as needed

- Other staff will volunteer for other services such as but not limited to health department filings or research, cleaning


Health Department and Nurse Managed Clinic will operate as normal

Commissioners, with the approval from Council, will be appropriating up to 100K to the health department effective 3/17 to add an additional full time nurse, full time planner and additional supplies. We don’t believe the actual funding will be anywhere close to 100K but that is so they will have the flexibility to react quicker than government if needed.

To enact our local emergency comprehensive plan, the board of commissioners is enacting a declaration of Local Emergency to last for the next 14 days.

EMA will be coordinating all official communication to news and media, coordinating efforts between interlocal agencies and working on action plans should they be needed. Such as possible food distribution, Testing Site locations etc.

The Commissioners have decided that cash reserve is of utmost importance at this time and will be delaying Chip & Seal and Asphalt Plans for the time being. We will also be halting Spring Cleaning.